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About us

TS Shipping Ltd. is a provider of escort icebreaking, ice management and offshore services. TS Shipping was founded in 2012 and is 100% owned by the state-owned company Port of Tallinn – the biggest port authority in Estonia, and one of the biggest Baltic Sea ports.

TS Shipping is the owner of Botnica, the well-known offshore support vessel and Baltic Sea icebreaker. The company provides full management services for the vessel, including commercial, technical and crewing.

The company’s activities are seasonal. During harsh winters, its activities are concentrated on engaging in safe escort icebreaking operations in the Gulf of Finland and in Estonian coastal waters, while during the summer it renders services to the offshore oil & gas and renewable energy industries throughout the world.

As oil exploration is moving farther north, the capabilities of Botnica form a perfect combination for use in the demanding Arctic environment during its short summers.

Both the onshore personnel and crew on board are committed to working safely and efficiently to complete the vessel’s tasks successfully.



Our policies and principles are aimed at managing the vessel safely and efficiently, by focusing on personnel safety and environmental protection.

We aim to deliver exemplary offshore and transportation services to our customers, and we are constantly improving the quality of our operations.

We are committed to third party personnel safety and our own personnel skills and reliability. We believe that continuous improvement is the key to success. To reach our goals, we:

  • Establish and promote safety practices using our developed Safety and Quality System;
  • Ensure the existing system remains up to date with the latest marine and offshore industry standards and practices;
  • Ensure our working environment helps personnel develop their skills, positive attitude, work care and the safety of their colleagues.