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We provide service to a variety of companies exploring, operating and servicing oil fields. We can provide the Botnica as the platform for a variety of tasks, including but not limited to the following:

  • Ice management at oilfields and installations;
  • ROV operations;
  • Diving operations;
  • Subsea equipment installation, handling and recovery;
  • Platform and rig equipment storage and resupplies;
  • Geotechnical drilling;

Either for an E&P company, an IRM or diving contractor or a geosciences company, our vessel will be a stable platform for the operation of subsea assets, be it a work class ROV, diving spread, or even a geotechnical drilling rig.

Our enhanced accommodation, dynamic positioning Class 3 (DNV GL DYNPOS AUTRO) system combined with vessel’s high power, and a 160 ton active heave compensated crane along with a 6,5 metres moonpool suit the majority of work scopes offshore.

Botnica’s track record holds a number of major clients’ names and well-known contractors in the industry who managed to finish their projects using her – safely and in due time.